Wed, January 19, 2022

St. Michael

Prayer to St Michael

Let us pray.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. Restrain him, O God, we humbly pray; and do you, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the other evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin and destruction of souls. Amen.


Saint Michael

Patron saint: Every parish is named after a saint and our patron is Saint Michael, the archangel. The name Michael means, who is like to God.

There is a strong tradition of dedicating Churches to Saint Michael in this area.

For example, at Faslane, the cemetery has the ruins of a Church dedicated to Saint Michael.  In Glen Luss there are the remains of a Pre-Reformation Church of Saint Michael.

Kirkmichael is an area of Helensburgh (and the Episcopalian Church in Helensburgh is Saint Michael and the Angels), and the Strathleven part of Dumbarton used to be called Kirkmichael because there was a chapel to Saint Michael there in medieval times.

Devotion to Saint Michael goes back to the very beginning of the Church and beyond. He is mentioned in the Book of Daniel (chapters 10 and 12) in his role as an angel who protects people from harm and as a captain or commander of the angels. And then in the Book of Revelation (12: 7-9) we read of Michael as the leader of the angels in the great war against Satan where Satan and his followers are driven out of heaven.

And so, since Old Testament times and then especially since the 7th century when the Lombard’s defeated the Saracens, Michael has been seen as the great Protector from plague, pestilence and all sorts of harm.

Visions: There have been several visions of Saint Michael including:
Monte Gargano, Italy in the 8th Century where there is still a large shrine.
Mont Saint Michel in Normandy is world famous.
Saint Michael’s Mount in England claims a vision of Saint Michael.
Castel Sant’ Angelo, Rome where Pope Gregory I saw Michael returning his sword to its sheath, ending the plague which was devastating the city.

We pray at Mass for the assistance of the angels especially on the feast of Saint Michael and the Archangels (29th September).

In the Opening Prayer, we pray to God that “those who serve you constantly in heaven may keep our lives safe from all harm on earth.”

In the Responsorial Psalm, we join the angels in praising God.

In the Prayer over the Gifts, we pray: “By the ministry of the angels let our sacrifice of praise come before you”.

In the Prayer after Communion, we pray that “under the watchful care of the angels, we may advance safely along the way to salvation”.

Whenever Eucharistic Prayer I is used, we pray that “your angel may take this sacrifice to your altar in heaven”.